How to buy your Sporting Bears regalia & clothing 

We have made arrangements for ‘Workwear Online Ltd’ to supply you directly with the garments you need. They are offering a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

When you place your order, your chosen garment(s) will be embroidered with the club badge (based on our registered trademarked logo) and dispatched directly to you. A percentage of the sales income will be returned to the Club. To see the full range of Club regalia available go to:  

If you would like the range to be extended to include other items please let me know.  

  • Need something bespoke?
  • Want something that Workwear don’t supply?
  • Why not have your favourite piece of clothing embroidered with the club logo, your name or your car details.

 For details of this service please contact Mick Bryan or give him a call on

01332 553011 or 07802 358 510