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Dream Rides, a well developed fun way to share your car, raise smiles and raise funds for the charities we support. Importantly it is to the support team I direct the biggest thank you. Without the team talking, taking the bookings, donations, loading and unloading, the Dream Rides would not happen and we would just be a static car show, so thank you all.


Also even if you have never helped at an event, thank you, as your membership helps the Bears to operate and in the amazing way we donate 100% raised at Dream Rides to the children’s charities.


So thank you all


Some events are city centre free to enter, so these can be managed to allow everyone the chance to get along and offer Dream Rides, other events such as CPoP and Carfest are ticket events that we have an allocation given. Then at Aintree with no track experience needed you will safely take kids out to smile.


Please get in touch, get involved where you can, but also, just like you, I am a volunteer and sometimes I lose emails or forget to shout back information. If this happens just email me again reminding me or call my mobile… look at these events, plus many more on the club events calendar around the UK, from Scotland to Isle of Wight the Bears are on tour, on track and putting on the fun side of fundraising!

 Please email OR

Max Walker mobile 07969 877120 Sporting Bears are on  Sporting Bears on Facebook are found under Sporting Bears Northwest and Sporting Bears. PLEASE Follow on Twitter @Sportingbears   


For all 2017 Dream Rides events please bring a print-‘out of your insurers acceptance of the Dream Rides activity - even if this is the same insurance policy as 2016.  Dream Rides should be “noted” on your policy for no additional charge as it is merely confirming a charitable activity on the public highway with no “hire & reward”, etc.

For some members I was involved in discussing our safety controls and processes with their insurers’ agent or underwriter and again I am willing to do this to assist where possible. Please ask your insurers well in advance, as it normally takes 2-3 days for underwriters to consider.

Public Liability – Sporting Bears Motor Club hold £5m PL cover at every approved event we attend,  which is paid for from your membership fees.  

 NEC Classic car Show End of the year event that sees 100 plus cars each day!!!!!

To see more of the events and get an idea what happens, check out Paul’s galleries:

Contact Max Walker       07969 877120


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Tag us in #Dreamrides




Important: Since we must operate under the car numbers directed by each event - we have limited spaces available. Please contact me by email indicating your interest in an event, which car you can help with and if you have offered Dream Rides in the past. If the event should run on more than a single day, please indicate your availability. If a place is not immediately available I always create reserve list, as sometimes things change.


Thanks for reading this far, now let’s enjoy raising smiles, money and memories in 2017!!!!



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