Ferrari 308GTB

Ferrari 308GTB - “Vetroresina”

1976, 0-60mph 4.8 seconds, 155mph.

The glassfibre 308GTB was a first for Ferrari and is powered by a 3 litre (2927cc) transverse mid-mounted V8 producing 285bhp. This specification didn’t last long, as it was cheaper and quicker to build the 308 from steel. All glassfibre cars have 4 twin-choke Weber carburettors and are the most collectable, especially the ones with a dry-sump like mine. The fibreglass cars are lighter than succeeding steel models launched in 1977. The later 308GTBi are less powerful, with the 1980-on Bosch fuel injection models losing 40bhp to emission controls. Much of this was restored two years later with the 32-valve quattrovalvole steel models. I believe that of the 712 fibreglass 308s made only 100 right-hand drive models had a dry sump. Many were used for racing and probably not that many survive.

I have owned this car since 1981 and competed in many races, sprints and hill-climbs and held the Ferrari class record at Gurston Down Hill Climb for 5 years.


Picture and words by the owner

Sheridan Williams