Dodge Viper series 4

This Viper is a 2009 series 4 car ,it’s engine is a V10 of 8.4 Litres  

It is very rare in the UK, only ever having being produced in left hand drive.

This car spent some time in Estonia before coming to the UK.

With it’s 600bhp I have every reason to believe it’s capable of 200mph and sub 4 seconds 0-60

It’s rear tyres are 335 and do look very big but they still spin and produce smoke….even in third gear.

It’s badged as an ACR (American Circuit Racing) and fitted with a special edition Mamba interior.

There’s lots of snake references around the car in homage I believe to the AC Cobra which it is very much in the same vein as.

Pictures and words by the owner Ian Howard        See Ian's other unusual ride here