Morris Minor 1000 1967

Hello, my name is Georgina. I have had two owners from new and was purchased by my second owner with only 73,000 miles on my clock.  

My first owner sadly passed away in 1985 and I was stored in the garage until his daughter unfortunately had to move to smaller accommodation, that had no storage facility and she was forced to part with me. In January 2015 I was purchased by my second owner. 

Very little had to be done to get me up and running and I was then sent for MOT and passed with absolutely no advisories whatsoever, in fact the garage, who specialize in classics, couldn’t believe that my underneath looked like new!  Most of me is still original including my floor pans and door sills! Anything new has been replaced with as identical parts as possible. In 1967 my original owner put car seat covers on me and these were never taken off until I was sold, my new owner discovered these in my boot and uses them daily, he only removes them for shows and events. 

You will see my seats are immaculate, original and have not been touched other than cleaned. My current owner has all the original paperwork and books including invoice, delivery note, handbook and workshop manual, and  original  Vehicle Registration  Document! He may have them with him so just ask if you’d like to see them. I am exempt from road tax and I am told, drive exactly as I should.  

My current owner is a young owner and used me daily until September 2015, when he bought a 2007 Ford Focus, however he had several issues with it and I was brought back out of hibernation and used up to Christmas2015. Since my owner purchased me, he has got me friends to talk to at home, this currently includes a 1955 Rover P4 60, she is currently unnamed as, unlike me, a name hasn’t come to mind yet. 

I have also been used in a film in 2016 called "Notes on Blindness" as well as being used for Santa's Arrival at Squires Garden Centre in Windsor. 

             Picture and words by the owner Christopher Portsmore