Rover P4 60 1955

Hello, I haven't got a name yet but my owner hopes to think of one for me soon, I can't wait! I have had five owners from new and was purchased by my fifth owner with only 80,000 miles on my clock.  

My current owner doesn’t know a lot about my past, but has a list of my previous owners, he looked up my first owners address and found it doesn’t exist anymore! InMarch2016, my current owner heard that my previous owner was looking to downsize, to a Morris Minor he hoped. As luck would have it my current owner had a 1971 two door Morris Minor 1000 that he had purchased as a project with a view of buying a Rover P4. A deal was done and the two owners swapped keys.  

You will see my seats are immaculate, original and have not been touched other than cleaned, as far as my owner is aware. My paint work however is not correct for me as I should only be the cream colour all over, not the dark tan top, this was only found on later models. The problem was that around 2010, I was caught up in a house fire and I got smokedamaged meaning that I needed a respray, for some reason in a two-tone which actually my owner quite likes. My current owner has the original handbook and workshop manual. He may have them with him so just ask if you’d like to see them. I am exempt from road tax and an MOT and I am told, I drive exactly as I should.  

My current owner is a young owner and uses me and my friend Georgina, she's a Morris Minor 1000 as much as possible, however he has a modern car to go to work in. 

         Picture and words by the owner Christopher Portsmore