1971 Lotus Europa S2

 It was modified when new by J.A. Else, a dealer in Codnor Derbyshire and is probably the only Stage 5 Else Europa with all the original parts surviving in the UK. Modifications included spotlights, wing mirrors, ‘sputnik’ bonnet catches, Cosmic Wheels, a second fuel tank, improved gear linkage, a scoop in the rear wing which feeds an oil cooler in the engine bay, special rocker cover, improved valve gear and timing, a road/race camshaft, tubular exhaust, a modified inlet manifold carrying a 45 Weber carburettor, ( the engine mods gave an improvement in BHP from 83 to 105, and a top speed of 120mph), and a badge for the rear which proclaimed that this to be an ‘Else-Europa’. The only modification I did not reinstate when I restored the car was the matt black roof and engine cover and the black stripe down the side of the car, That looked good in 1971, but a bit over the top now! I bought the car in 1979, restored it in the early nineties and use it year round to this day. People are always astonished by how low the car is and that it is powered by a mighty 1560cc Renault 16 engine!


 Pictures and words by the owner Steve Jarvis