Notes for Drivers

Drivers must produce written confirmation that their insurers will provide cover for them to take part in Dream Rides.


These are notes which have proved helpful when drivers discuss Dream Rides with their insurance company.

1People donating to the charity collection at an event will be offered a free demonstration passenger ride in the car of their choice. 
2Cars taking part will be presented at the event offering a number of rides. These will be allocated by the Rides organisers. 
3Passengers accepting the offer of a ride will complete a signed disclaimer acknowledging that liability is limited to normal passenger insurance cover. 
4The Rides will start and finish in an area within the event. This area will be controlled and marshalled by Sporting Bears members. It will also be the display parking provided for the cars taking part. 
5The Rides take place entirely on the public roads. Drivers will decide the route they follow and are expected to drive responsibly and obey all traffic laws including speed limits. 
6There is no competitive or timed element to these demonstration rides. 
7Drivers will not receive any reward for providing the rides other than the thanks of all concerned. They will play no part in the collection or management of the charity donations. 
8All the money raised will go to the children’s charities agreed by the Sporting Bears Motor Club 
9Drivers are expected to obey the instructions of those marshalling the activity particularly in relation to the movement of cars. 
10Dream Rides are organised and run, as an official event, by the Sporting Bears Motor Club who are registered with the MSA 
11The club has public liability insurance cover of £5 million pounds 
12Sporting Bears have a recognised Child protection officer and relevant policy and procedures in this respect. 

Rides for Children

You will probably be aware of current legislation relating to children.  There are two aspects that affect the Bears;

Use of Appropriate Seating

Any child under the age of 12 must use the appropriate approved seating.  We are adopting the following rules, which drivers must agree to abide by, with regards to Dream Rides:

Any child between the age of 6 and 12 and under the height of 135cm will have to use the approved booster seats provided by the club
We cannot allow Dream Rides to any children under the age of 6 as we do not have suitable seating available
Drivers are advised to be guided by the recommendations within their car’s handbook regarding child seating and airbags

Child Protection

The MSA, of which the Bears is a member, have issued us with Guidelines for the adoption of their Safeguarding Policy.  I have attached a copy of our Safeguarding Statement which I would ask you to take the time to read.  Due to the nature of most of our cars we will be taking children out on Rides unaccompanied by a child’s parent or guardian.  The parent or guardian will be aware of this when booking the Ride and will accompany the child to the loading area.  If you are out on a Ride with a child and you break down we ask that you immediately call the organisers who will send a car out to you straight away.

If for any reason you do not wish to give Rides to children please advise the booking desk.  We will not be offended.

If you require any further information on running a Dream Rides event or a Driver’s/Passenger Registration form, please contact us: Email