Dream Rides

For the passengers

Your chance to take a ten mile passenger ride in the car of your dreams simply for a donation to charity.

The driver is usually the private owner who is donating their car and time for free. ALL the money you donate goes to children’s charities in the UK.

For the drivers

The enjoyment and satisfaction make the rides such a good time that it can become addictive for the drivers and a wonder that the government does not tax it.

It’s smiles all round, for the drivers, their passengers, families and friends.  The club only asks for a minimum of four rides a day but many drivers will take all the rides they can get.

The events

Sporting Bears Dream Rides are organised by the club and run by club members with help from friends, all unpaid volunteers.

Exotic cars are obvious favourites but a wide range of vehicles always proves popular from exotics, sports, and classics, through muscle, replica and kits to vintage.

Some Basic Facts

Notes for Drivers