North East

  We are a dedicated group of volunteers based in the North East of England, that through the support of local car shows and corporate events, raise both funds for and the profile of local children’s charities.

If you would like further information on local events or are considering taking part as a volunteer driver or helper, please contact us


We actively participate in a variety of regional classic and modern car shows and events, in which we offer “DREAM RIDES” to our guests in a selection of our members cherished cars.

Our defining event is a closed to the public track day held at a local Autodrome, where local charities are invited each year to enjoy unlimited passenger rides around the race track in a variety of high performance sports and supercars.


We currently support the following local charities: Zoe’s Baby Hospice, Butterwick Hospice, JPC Community Farm, Daisy Chain and Bluebellwood Children’s Hospice

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